Universal and compact

The housing of the linear unit consists of an anodized aluminum profile. The stand pipe is made of stainless steel and positioned in a plastic bushing. It is operated by means of an internal spindle drive. The cable length is 2 meters. Up to 4 linear units can be connected to one control unit and operated synchronously.

The linear units SLA are used in places where a work surface needs to be adjusted to the right ergonomic height. Existing work stations can simply be retrofitted. The systems also fit perfectly into the 40×40 mm steel profiles which are often used as support elements and legs for work stations.

Compared to the linear unit SLA (cross section 35×35 mm), the linear unit SLG (cross section 45×45 mm) can absorb higher bending moments and is more stable at the same lifting distance.


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  • Stability: 3.5/5
  • Cross Section: 35 x 35 mm
  • Installation: 600 mm - 700 mm
  • Lifting Distance: 300 mm - 400 mm
  • Hydraulic Lifting System: LA
  • Max System Load (Hydraulic): 1500 N - 2500 N
  • Spindle Lifting System: SLA
  • Max System Load (Spindle): 1500 N

Technical Data

  • Lifting Capacity: Max. lifting load per SLA - 1500 N
    Max. pulling load per SLA - 1500 N
  • Max. static bending moment: Mb = 150 Nm
  • Max. dyn. bending moment: Mbdyn = 50 Nm
  • Stroke length: Stroke length - 300 mm (11.8”) or 400 mm (15.74”)
    SLA lengthA - 600 mm (23.62”) or700 mm (27.56”)
    Lifting System SLA - Plug & Play 1-4 SL per control box plus 1x hand switch
  • Max Speed: 9 mm/s

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