The lifting column for industrial and assembly tables – high loads with a small footprint.

The lifting column SQ consists of an anodized aluminum profile with a cross-section 45x45mm. The stainless steel tube is guided in a plastic bushing and is moved by a spindle drive. Up to four lifting columns can be connected to a control box and operated synchronously.

There are T-slots on 2 sides of the leg (width 8mm). These allow the mounting of crossbars and attachments along the entire length of the column. The system SQ is used for height adjustable assembly tables, laboratory workstations and platforms in the mechanical industry.


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  • Stability: 3.5/5
  • Cross Section: 45 x 45mm
  • Installation: 640mm - 740mm
  • Lifting Distance: 300mm - 400mm
  • Hydraulic Lifting System: TQ
  • Max System Load (Hydraulic): 1500 N - 2500 N
  • Spindle Lifting System: SQ
  • Max System Load (Spindle): 1500 N

Technical Data

  • Lifting Capacity: Max. lifting load per SQ - 1500 N
    Max. pulling load per SQ - 1500 N
  • Max. static bending moment: Mb = 200 Nm
  • Max. dyn. bending moment: Mbdyn = 80 Nm
  • Stroke length: Stroke length 300 mm (11.8”) or 400 mm (15.74”)
    SQ length A 630 mm (24.80”) or 730 mm (28.74”)
    Lifting System SQ Plug & Play 1-4 SQ per control box plus 1x hand switch
  • Max Speed: Max. lifting load 4-leg-system - 6000 N Lifting speed 9 mm/s

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